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“Hope for the Workplace is a book I strongly recommend. It aims at something many find hard to do; living our faith out in the world, and especially in the workplace. What makes the book so readable is that it synthesizes Christian teaching in a very understandable and easily readable way. However, it does not stop there. It offers many real life stories of men and women grappling with the challenges of living this out in the workplace. Finally, it then asks pointed questions of the reader and challenges the reader to respond. It is educative, inspirational, and practical. One of the challenges of today is to make our faith real and this terrific book does that.”
                                  — Bishop Peter Smith, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General
                                      Archdiocese of Portland

“What a book! I love the style—crisp, filled with inspiring stories, replete with quotes from Scripture and leading figures in Christianity!”
                                   — The Reverend Mark Moretti
                                       St. John’s Catholic Church, Warrenton, Virginia


 Business Leaders...

“Hope for the Workplace provides striking examples from the public and private sectors of individuals living their faith on the job, and transforming the organization’s performance and ethical standards in the process.  It provides a straightforward practical formula for living your faith in the workplace: get to know people, listen to them, love and support them; and if God opens the door, share your beliefs with others while respecting theirs. It’s never about talking to people in order to persuade them, but rather being a light to others through how you live.”  
                                   — Steve Pryor
                                       President ExxonMobil Chemical Company

 “Hope for the Workplace offers some great insights and firsthand accounts of conduct and decisions that fit very well in setting the ethics guidelines in companies of all sizes. I would have found it a valuable resource in guiding the companies I have been privileged to lead over the past thirty years.”
                                   — C. J. Waylan, PhD
                                       retired president, GTE Spacenet Corp, Vienna, Virginia

“A ‘need to read’ book on how God is effectively using his workers today to build his kingdom in the workplace. Written from a stewardship perspective, Hope for the Workplace clearly identifies the power and interconnectedness of spirituality in a secular setting, advancing both the kingdom and business at the same time.”
                                  — Bill Colegrove, CEO
                                      Furniture Values International, LLC, Phoenix, Arizona

 “I think Hope for the Workplace is so important. It tells the story of Christ in the office, in the field, and in the plant doing his thing through willing servants. The stories are about laymen making a life changing difference in others. Bill Dalgetty has added insights and instruction from his unique perspective as a seasoned, frontline kingdom builder.”
                                  — Justin Bratnober, CEO
                                      Trademark Transportation, St. Paul Minnesota


Community Leaders...

“Hope for the Workplace captures the Christian truths by which I sought to live my life as a husband, father, football coach, and owner of a NASCAR race team. I would recommend this book to anyone who asks the question, ‘Is it possible to live my faith in the business world?’ Bill Dalgetty offers hope for any Christian who has ever struggled with living out his or her faith in the workplace.”
                                   — Joe Gibbs
                                       former Washington Redskins head coach and NASCAR
                                       championship team owner



“A very readable and inspiring book for busy Christians who need to overcome a compartmentalized life.”
                                   — Dr. Michael J. Naughton
                                       Moss Chair in Catholic Social Thought,
                                       University of St. Thomas


 Ministry Leaders...

“How does God value our work? Bill Dalgetty provides a comprehensive understanding in Hope for the Workplace. Bill combines years of personal experience, personal study, and application to this work. I highly recommend Hope for the Workplace.”
                                   — Os Hillman
                                       president, Marketplace Leaders Ministries, and author of The 9 to 5
                                       Window; and Faith & Work

"As someone who has served the Lord mostly in a nonprofit ministry, I was both challenged and encouraged by Hope for the Workplace: challenged to examine my own attitudes and approaches, and encouraged to read the many stories of men and women serving the Lord in so many different workplace situations. The book shows that with a personal relationship to Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, work can be a source of life, rather than the drudgery it is for so many. I recommend the book highly to those in any type of work.”
                                  — Walter Matthews
                                      executive director National Service Committee of the Catholic
                                      Charismatic Renewal

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 Hope for the Workplace - Christ in You

--  by Bill Dalgetty

Bill Dalgetty draws from extensive experience in business and workplace ministry to examine the challenges faced by Christians seeking to live out their faith in today's workplace. Readers will discover practical tips for dealing with a difficult boss, maintaining integrity in business decisions, balancing family and career, and caring for co-workers.